Learn about the advantages and the step by step to trace your Digital Marketing strategy.

The world has changed and the way to do marketing, too. With more than three billion viewers around the globe, 110 million of network users only in Brazil, one thing is certain: no matter the size or the niche of activity of your company, to conquer the current market it certainly will need to have a digital presence relevant. And this is exactly the proposal of Digital Marketing, a set of strategies that aims to position your company as a benchmark of quality in the network, give her visibility in the digital environment, attracting new customers to your base and, of course, retain them turning them into door to your business voices on the network.

Are you ready to invest in Digital Marketing? Here's how to start:

Digital Marketing strategies

The ease of access to information through the internet and social media has brought with it a new consumer profile, more demanding and active in the process of buying and, consequently, less susceptible to the stimuli of traditional advertising, like the ads on TV, radio and print. In this new consumer ways to do marketing, focused on spontaneous attraction of customers by offering content of value: the Inbound Marketing and your main ally, content Marketing.

Unlike Outbound Marketing, which had as its premise the imposition of a brand, its products and services through traditional mass in conveyed, Inbound Marketing is focused on the client itself, the satisfaction of their needs and the attraction of new organic leads (all I ever showed any interest in your company to enter spontaneously to your contact base). For that, its right arm content Marketing, another new weight marketing strategy, which aims to attract new leads for a company, convert them to customers and retain them through the production and dissemination of relevant content.

To bring this content to the public of a company, the Digital Marketing bet in social media (social networks, blogs and corporate websites) and on digital channels like email marketing, for example. Online advertising and monitoring results are also key strategies.

Know your audience

The first step to conquer a relevant digital presence is to know the intended audience, their needs and interests, as well as your demographic and consumer profile. At this stage, no spare time conducting research along to your customer base and analyzing the results. The important thing is that you understand what are the issues, challenges, priorities and consumption behavior of your target audience. Know exactly who is the customer of your company will also help you understand how your products or services are useful to him and, with it, define the best way to bring this potential customer for their digital channels. Remember that it is much more simple, practical and efficient direct their marketing activities to a limited audience and that is actually formed by potential customers for your business than trying to reach 3 billion users on the network.

One way to do this, and that will be very useful in time to produce the materials of your content Marketing strategy, is creating buyer personas, which are fictional characters that represent the client, or clients, your company's ideals. These personas should be created from real and consistent data, collected through field research that can be done, including with the captive of your company's customers.

Start separating a significant sample of your client base and building a questionnaire for the survey. In this questionnaire, please include both the basic questions regarding age, gender, occupation and personal interests as the more specific issues, about how one customer came to your product or service and what was important to your decision. Obviously, you need to offer something in return from these responses: a special discount, a toast, a benefit as a free trial (for companies selling software, for example), anyway, think about what can be more attractive to your audience. Review the responses and identify what are the standards, they will be the characteristics of your buyer personas.

Set goals

Now that you know who is your ideal company, it is time to set goals for your Digital Marketing strategy. At this stage, it is important that you think about real goals, achievable and specific. They can range from the increase in the number of visitors of your page until a growth percentage of leads and customers to your company.

The best way to define strategic goals and achievable is thinking about goals for attracting, converting visitors into leads and converting leads into new customers. These are the main phases of the marketing and sales funnel for each of them, there are specific actions (see below).

To set goals also consider actual results of your company and make a realistic projection for the future. Analyze the market, see how your competitors are working in the digital environment and what they have already achieved.

Choose social media

As we said up there, social media will be your right arm in time to bring to the public the materials of your content Marketing strategy. And that's why this is so important. Knowing who your buyer personas and knowing exactly how your products or services they are helpful, you have all the conditions to define social media ideal for your strategy. In addition to the social networks preferred by your target audience, email marketing, the website and the blog cannot be left out of your Marketing Plan.

Create an action plan

To ensure the effectiveness of your strategy you will need to create an action plan geared to phases of marketing sales funnel. For attraction of new visitors, first step in the funnel, you need to invest in the construction of digital channels attractive (site and corporate blog), produce relevant content, optimize it with techniques of SEO (search engine optimization) and disseminate them through sponsored links and social media.

The provision of relevant content also will help you to convert these visitors into new leads. For this bet in the creation of rich materials such as e-books, tutorials, video classes, practical guides and use them as bait. Drive visitors attracted by these materials for Landing Pages (landing pages) specific to downloaded it and condition access to filling out a form with name and email. You'll see that when the proposed content is really attractive delivery of data such as these are not an inconvenience to your audience.

For the conversion of leads and customers, bet on even more specific contents as successful cases (very useful for companies in the B2B segment) or even email marketing promotional campaigns, in the case of e-commerce and companies in the B2C segment. If your company has a team of vendors, this is the ideal time for him to take action.

Track results and optimize your strategy

One of the great advantages of doing digital marketing, in addition to the cost benefit, is that all of their actions can be easily monitored through Web Analytics tools. Through them you can track the number of unique visitors within your site, which pages of your site or blog were more or less accessible, in which visitors were more or less time, which is the source of this traffic (social media, PPC, organic search), anyway, we could list dozens of metrics to be tracked.

The important thing is that you define which metrics are important according to your goals. If the focus of your Digital Marketing strategy is to increase your visibility on the network, for example, track the number of unique visitors inside your site, for example, is essential. To assess the quality and relevance of the materials of your content Marketing strategy is essential to track your conversion rates of visitors into leads, for example.

Source: Endeavour Brazil


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