No matter how sensational is your idea: without a good communication plan, the world will never know that

If you started your business recently, you might have noticed that the entrepreneur's routine is full of plans (or at least should be). 'S strategic plan financial planning, it, tax plan, sales plan down. It's not like you just plan and undertake planning, without ever run. But you should also have known better than that. That, to take a business idea, you need to structure it, think it a bit. And, once structured and thought the deal, it is time to tell the world that he exists. The time of the communication plan.

But the communication plan is as important as these other plans?

Can you believe it is. Because it is through the communication plan you will be able to achieve the goals set in – look – strategic planning, or marketing. Is to develop a communication plan that you can define your audience of interest, and to establish the strategies and tools adopted to achieve it. In other words, is an indispensable process for the program to flourish your business.

In addition, only with a communications plan you:

  • know the perception that the public has about your brand
  • on the best strategy to make the most of your investment in corporate communication
  • Constructs an effective positioning for your brand, so that the impact is measurable business results

There are many reasons why you can't do without a communication plan. To help you do it we had collected the tips and recommendations below:

1-the plan must be born of your company's strategy – a good communication planning should never dissociate the strategic thinking of your company. On the contrary, must be fully aligned to it. Should be drawn up taking into account where you want to get, what are your main goals. And this from a deep knowledge of the market in which your company operates, competitors, economic prospects, and above all the target audience.

2-well defined Goals = more executable – one of the first steps of a plan is the establishment of the goals to be achieved. What are yours? Increase sales? Attract more people to your brand? Retain more customers? All of this? It's good to have these answers on the tip of my tongue.


3-Analyze your competition, get to know your audience – understand the behavior of both the audience and the competition is fundamental to a communication plan. Investigate the marketing and sales strategies of competition, notice how the contestants stand on the market … anyway, use and abuse the benchmarking. Have towards consumers, seek to meet their needs in depth, their consumption habits and preferences. So, you will be able to develop more and more personalized messages.

4-Map marketing channels and more effective communication – this is the time to make crucial questions: do you know where your consumer is? Do you have any idea of how you can achieve it? Via the internet? Social networks? Anyway, it's time to choose what channels will use to send your message to him.

5-Go with everything for tactical-the objectives were set? Competition and the public were analyzed? The channels of communication have been mapped? So, it's time to move on to tactical. It's time to define the actions of communication. It's time to define resources, those responsible, the means of execution and all that is necessary in order to comply with the established. Oh, don't forget the result indicators – it is through them that you will be able to assess whether the communication plan is being well run.

6-Devote full attention to the budget – I don't think we even need to give this recommendation. But it never hurts to insist: it's time to draw up the budget to fulfill the plan, try to be as accurate and thorough as possible. Putting all the costs involved, and most of all be prepared to make adjustments.

7-All ready? Time to draw up a schedule – this is usually the last step of a communication plan. That's when you will develop a timeline with all the strategies and actions. These schedules tend to last a year, and preferably at cascade-namely, the actions are going to be completing over the 12 months.

Speaking of tools — what they are and what are they?

Are techniques and language forms used by companies to communicate corporately. It is through communication tools that your plan will be put into practice – so, a lot of attention in time to elect them.

The best known are advertising, market research, merchandising, sales promotion, direct marketing, events, media relations, social media management, etc.

And there, the text helped assemble your communications plan? Then it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to do!

Source: Endeavour Brazil


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