Today, mobile devices are present in people's lives, is when they wake up, they're at work or before bed. All this connectivity changed the forms of communication, interaction and shopping. So, show that behavioral change especially in the journey. It is important that your business consider this time create campaigns for your target audience.

Currently, more than 3,000,000 of applications are available for installation on mobile devices, and 83% of them fit in the category of communications, according to Global consultancy Mobile Application Market. In this scenario, 75% of Brazilians are preferred by four applications — including Facebook, Instagram and the Messenger — according to eMarketer research of 2015. Example of this behavior change is the journalist Gabriela Navalon. "I usually access the Instagram several times throughout the day, while in the Facebook stay connected all day," he says.

The discovery is the key to conversion

For your business, this is your chance to be part of the conversation on digital platforms, because 99% of the people claim that read publications and services marks on Facebook for example, according to internal data from August 2015 — and that makes the process of discovery is in the hands of real people, not cookies. "I try to be in contact with the brands to see what is on the rise, like to see promotions and be informed about the news of each company," says Gabriela.

The Feed is the place of discovery and promote your brand on Facebook and Instagram is the opportunity to turn a business result. "I found out several services through these platforms. Often, this happens in the Feed, whether in a publishing friend or ad, "says the journalist.

And while 43% of consumers in Latin America watch videos of products and services who want to know on Facebook, according to the survey Connected Shoppers, silk, for example, had the objective of increasing sales of combing creams in the Brazilian market. For this, created a strategic campaign with 36 hairstyle tutorials videos to the target audience on Facebook. In the end, the brand had a 9% increase in purchase intent among the impacted.

In addition, it is important to highlight that the moment of discovery also happens through indications for friends or family. Proof of this is that 78% of people publish recommendations of products and services on social networks. And thanks to one of those publications that the store King of iPhone managed to expand his business and triple the number of employees.

It is worth mentioning that 81% of people had some action after being exposed to a publication on Instagram and 27% have visited a site to inform after seeing an advertisement on the platform, according to research commissioned by DNA Facebook Crowd. "I was in an account of a mark on Instagram and interested in a product, I went to see the value in the store, and bought. Simple as that. The product arrived in great condition, "says Gabriela.

This discovery process allows to understand that the new journey of the consumer's purchase decision happens on multiple devices. Today, it is common to find a product or service on your smartphone and finish on another device. This action takes place with 75% of contacts online, according to the survey Connected Shoppers. For effectiveness of your business, it is necessary that their campaigns to stimulate a reaction of the impacted. Think about it!


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